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At Createns, we are a family owned business just like many of our clients. We started out back in the mid-1990's by needing a website of our own for an unrelated family business. We paid a friend to create us a website on this new thing called ‘the Internet’, and he did so by pinning our brochures up on the web. We didn’t like the way the presentation was surfacing in search results so we started to tweak and hone our website and learn the industry until we were ranked #1 in Google Internationally.


We are business minded people first who comprehend how to use websites and social media to an advantage, not kids out of college who learned to design websites for gaming purposes. We’ve learned that no one really knows exactly how search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. ‘grade’ their ‘ranks’. But over the years through trial and error and countless hours of studying what works and what does not, we have come up with a solid understanding of how the system works. Creating your website with know-how to contain the should’s and avoid the should-not’s is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t allow others to try to fool you into anything else more complicated, or that they have some sort of “inside track” with Google.


We have designed websites for the sports retail markets that have out ranked the NFL, ESPN, and local professional franchises. In the restaurant industry we’ve out ranked National chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Olive Garden. And in the Auto Repair Industry, we routinely out rank National conglomerates from Firestone, Goodyear, NTB and Midas, to the local territorial outfits that have multiple repair shop locations in a region. We take small Mom & Pop Auto Repair business and make them Grand on the World Wide Web.


When it comes to Social Media Marketing, we know none more fluent in Google Business Listings than Createns, and we've been marketing to Facebook since 2007.


Call us today to slay your biggest competition and take advantage of our 20+years of experience.


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It's 5'-O'clock Somewhere!

Founder - Stan Aten

"We work hard at managing all aspects of your web presence so that you can spend the time needed on the things that you do best. Our goal is to have your business represented online 24/7. So, that you can enjoy the things you love with confidence knowing that your website and social media are still working for you ... even after 5'-O'clock!"

We Specialize in Auto Repair

We know the automotive repair industry, and we study our clients web presence and their competitors  everyday. We are told repeatedly that "We get it!" when it comes to knowing how to market your most lucrative services. We love the aggressiveness of the automotive industry and look forward to helping your small business achieve a BIG presence on the web. If your current website "does nothing for you", you're going to love the added revenue we generate once we get everything into place.


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